Women Power Protest, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Last summer I was approached by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to work on the exhibition design for their Arts Council Collection partner exhibition WOMEN POWER PROTEST, marking 100 years of women being given the right to vote.⁣

WPP’s last day is Sunday 31st March - I urge you to visit! ⁣

I enjoyed working with Curator Emalee Beddoes-Davis and bringing her shiny vision to life. I designed the original identity and exhibition interpretation - logo development, typography, colour-ways (inspired by themes within the artwork itself in addition to the suffrage colours) interpretation panels, object labels, and ~ the holographic ~ a nod to Fiona Rae’s Dark Star, an exhibition highlight from Birmingham’s collection, and one of my all-time favourite artists.

“Rae challenges the traditionally serious and male field of abstract painting with humour and energy. Her work knowingly adopts a ‘girly’ aesthetic of pink, glitter and hearts, re-examining their expressive potential.” Emalee Beddoes-Davis.⁣

There was a lot of pink in the early stages of my concept, we were keen on the reclamation of ‘baby pink’, used as a gender signifier at newborn age and often used to infantilise women to ‘girls’. It’s clear I looked to iconic artists (although not featured in the exhibition) Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer for type inspiration which is where the essence of my original idea stems from.⁣ My exhibition identity design work was taken into an agency who developed the designs into a cohesive marketing campaign.⁣

Alongside the exhibition there’s a zine that I designed, curated by Emalee, printed by The Holodeck and featuring local artists, poets & writers. Emalee’s introduction opens up the conversation about equality and intersectional feminism representation in museum collections for a modern-day exhibition and how BMAG are striving to improve. ⁣

I’ve included my moodboard so you can see how my work expanded, with ace photos by Jack Spicer Adams. The artworks are part of the Arts Council Collection & Birmingham Museum’s collection. Women Power Protest is an exhibition conceived by Birmingham Museums Trust as part of the Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme 2016-19.

0 IMG_0441 - © Jack Spicer Adams. Do not use without permission
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