No Copyright Infringement Intended

Exhibition identity design & print for No Copyright Infringement Intended, commissioned by Antonio Roberts for Phoenix Leicester & Vivid Projects Birmingham, May 2017.

Design in meme-style typeface, lead colour pink adapted from ‘hero’ image artwork by Emilie Gervais (second row) with a still image from Duncan Poulton’s statue reproduction artwork.

The exhibition featured work by Nick BrizEmilie GervaisNicolas MaigretChristopher MeerdoJan Nikolai Nelles & Nora Al-BadriDuncan PoultonFernando SosaAndrea Wallace & Ronan Deazley.

Photos by Pamela Raith, Stephen Lynch, and Chloe Minton 


No Copyright Infringement Intended was an exhibition at Phoenix in Leicester and Vivid Projects in Birmingham, exploring the relationship between copyright and culture in the digital age, investigating how the concept of ownership and authorship is evolving and coming into conflict with outdated copyright and intellectual property laws. Featuring 10 national and international artists working across a range of creative practices, the exhibition highlights the ongoing tension between production and copyright, considers the new artistic, social and political possibilities created through this tension and suggests new ways forward for artists, rights holders and the wider creative community.”

Antonio Roberts, Curator.