Good Game - Ampersand Projects

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Recent identity design work for Ampersand Projects. 

"GoodGame is a new project that explores the positive impact games can have on our lives, communities and the places where we live. Artists Anna Horton Cremin, Betab Zena and Gizzago are working with communities in Smethwick and Bearwood to explore the identity of their area alongside people who live and work there."

I explored ideas around isometric game design, 90s nostalgia, and gender-neutral colour and aesthetics. This was a really brilliant design project to be involved in, as it involves communities and their sense of place, which is really important to me. We didn't want the design to alienate people who might not normally engage with a participatory arts or cultural event.  

Commission by Matt Andrews, Ampersand Projects. 

BIG GAME - University of Birmingham


Recent design work for Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures (BRIHC) at the University of Birmingham, for their bi-annual speaker series, where they invite world class researchers to present their work.

The subject matter ranges from iconoclasm/graffiti (as political influencing and as social influencing tools) through to the significance of 1968 both locally and globally - and other topics - the design and illustrations needed to reflect the variety of content, whilst being playful, eye-catching and engaging. 

There is an individual poster and illustration for each event in the series, brought together in a hand of cards. 

Game concept, and commission by Josh Allen, College of Arts & Law. 

Cotteridge Park Rocks - Friends of Cotteridge Park

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Design work for Friends of Cotteridge Park - Jan 2018 - present.

"Are they “Meteorites”? There are a number of large rocks within the park and their history often excites many local residents and visitors. They are not meteorites but glacial boulders. These boulders traveled all the way from north Wales and are a feature of the drift geology of this region." 

In 2017 FoCP received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, part of which, is being used to find out more about the history and the geology of the rocks.

Commissioned by Emma Woolf MBE. 


O P E N W I D E - School of Dentistry

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Design work for University of Birmingham - School of Dentistry. June 2017 - present

This is a pioneering project by Dr Melissa Grant, Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences, School of Dentistry, Institute of Clinical Sciences. 

"The Open Wide project at the Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham is an exhibition space featuring the research and work of the staff and students. Curated from artistic work in response to clinical and scientific developments."

Commissioned by Melissa Grant.