SHOUT Festival 2019

SHOUT festival guides (with x4 covers no less) available now from Birmingham LGBT centre and soon across the city, following the programme launch last week.

All the colour and an absolute joy. There’s a ‘how to use this guide’ in the front with the welcome letter, and a pull-out listings and map centrefold. This was a great idea by Adam Carver who’s a dreamboat to work with💥.

SHOUT have a commitment to removing barriers and have detailed important info for the events, such as access, age ratings and trigger warnings. Every single event is wheelchair accessible (this should be a given in this day and age but it isn’t, yet). There are also free tickets for people on a low income: generous and inclusive.

SHOUT are doing important work in the city and I’m so proud to have worked on the designs this year. I’ll be seeing you there 🙌

More info & tickets at

📸swiped photo from SHOUT via Facebook

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