'The Cracker', Laura Pannack for BLAST Photography Festival (Multistory)


Last month I designed a 40 page magazine called THE CRACKER, a project by photographer Laura Pannack, for Multistory’s BLAST Photography Festival, project managed by Becky Sexton (these are her photos of the magazine - ta!)

The Cracker is a series of portraits of teenagers living in Tipton. As a starting point, Laura was introduced to them by Sandwell Youth Services and then continued to return over a period of one year as she was drawn to this area for its tight knit community. Through her photographs, she aims to explore the friendships, the unique language and tradition of the area and the characters that, “for me, should not be lost or ignored”.

The portraits were published in a magazine for the participants and presented at an outdoor screening at a special event with food and music in collaboration with Sandwell Youth Service.

Blast! is a festival made with and for the people of Sandwell – running from Friday 24 May – Saturday 29 June 2019. Exhibitions, film screenings, events, talks and walks will be presented on the streets, the Metro line, shops and libraries and pubs, on historic buildings and in the community halls and venues of Sandwell. More info on BLAST’s website.

The magazine was available for free for the community on the launch event on Friday 31st May at ‘The Tibby’ in Tipton, and I think you can buy the magazine throughout the duration of the festival (priced at £5) and will be on Multistory’s website (correct me if I’m wrong-!)

Do take a look at more of Laura Pannack’s work via her instagram & website!

Lastly, fellow Stirchley-based designer Louise Byng has illustrated Tipton Tales, a book printed by my friend The Holodeck. Available to buy too! #vivaStirchley #vivaSandwell !