Bournville Hub (community space)

Here’s a new identity design project I’ve been working on for the last couple of months alongside the larger-scale arts projects for New Art Gallery Walsall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and Oxford University Museum of Natural History - a visual identity system for small community organisation Bournville Hub.

I love working with individuals on small community-based projects like this, I feel like the design elevates an already great project and has the opportunity to empower the client by making them even more proud of their work - which ultimately helps them to spread their message so they can reach more people within the community. Bournville Hub have a number of workshops, activities, meet-ups, classes and events, for all ages - and in particular I admire the work they are doing to tackle isolation in the ageing population by creating The Age of Creativity, a festival for 50+s, a group so often not given the spotlight.

It’s not often I post the straight-up logo and identity projects I work on - but these brightly coloured ‘diamonds’ have been cheering up some of the grey January days we’ve been having. This project launched at the beginning of January and is being rolled out gradually through their marketing and incremental changes to the building’s interior and website.

For more about Bournville Hub, the best place for info is their Facebook. A new website is in the works!

7 BH facebook - blue background, tagline + centred.jpg
BH - General Flyers A6 O PRT2.jpg