Games Exchange, Ampersand Projects


Over two days in late July, Ampersand Projects held 'The Games Exchange' a pop-up in Bearwood Indoor Market.

Developed by artist Betab Zena, The Games Exchange was a space for people to meet and share games with each other. It opened up a lot of conversations, bringing people together in the community who otherwise would not have come into contact with one-another -and it was very much intergenerational.

I was commissioned to hand paint the signs for the pop-up, Ampersand Projects and the artist Betab were inspired by the signpainting found in the market.

The signpainter who works in Bearwood Indoor Market is called Richard, and he's 86 years old, and 'does it for beer money'. If you know who he is, I'd love to take him for a pint - or follow him signpainting!

The website for GoodGame is: