Sandwell Stories - Multistory

Multistory - Sandwell Stories 600px v1.png

"Sandwell Stories, a new bi-monthly podcast produced by Multistory will share stories of people we meet on the streets, at home and in the workplace - capturing their views, ideas, stories and opinions. Each podcast will be played on #BlackCountryMatters on Black Country Radio (@WeAreBCR),  they'll also be available on Multistory's website. First podcast: Sunday 27 May at 2pm"


For the identity design, the story behind the logo stems from Black Country typography. I looked at interesting signage, colours and shapes from the area; looking at metalworks through to garages and cornershops. I knew that the predominant graphic for the project would be a small podcast cover; so it needed to stand out and be readable on phone screens / iTunes charts. I also needed to balance the Multistory branding - and show off Emma Case's fantastic photography! 

Commissioned by Becky Sexton, Multistory. Photography: Emma Case.

You can listen to the podcast via Multistory's website.