Birmingham Beer Week

Identity & Print design for Birmingham Beer Week (2019 is happening 19-28 July!) a collaboration with illustrator Tim Hunt.

This project is a little fun one which fits my ‘community’ remit - although please drink responsibly! It encourages Birmingham’s best beer venues and breweries to celebrate great beer + the beer community, and it was a great opportunity for me to collaborate with Tim, who I had commissioned many times when I was co-director of FAKE Magazine (with Sophie Benson) in 2011.

The logo is based on the Birmingham Forward crest, featuring a hammer (cask ale mallet), held in a bottle cap shape. The red/yellow zigzags in 2017 and blue/yellow diamonds in 2018 were inspired by the crest, and I’ve deviated from these in 2019 with pink and red from the original colour palette of the branding - and we’re back to zigzags! This is a great example of how simple, recognisable and meaningful branding can elevate a volunteer-ran initiative.

Something I am vocal about with this project is ensuring that the programme tone of voice is gender neutral, beer is a very male dominated industry. It is second nature for many people to slip into saying ‘guys’ as plural for people. It makes me, and no doubt others feel alienated. The Beer Week team are totally on board with this. Collectively we can do better - speaking up on unnecessary gendering.⁣

The 2017, 2018 and soon 2019 programmes are available on Issuu. 2019 beermats, posters and soon programmes are out in the wild across Birmingham.

Profits from collaboration beers/events are going to this year’s chosen charity CLIC Sargent.

You can follow Birmingham Beer Week on twitter and instagram, they are also on facebook.