I'm a graphic designer and community enthusiast. 

Thanks for visiting my website. Here's a little about my work and my interests.

I've been a freelance graphic designer for 8 years. During that time I've worked directly with clients, as well as short contracts with in-house teams and agencies. Two contracts in particular (Pearson & NHS) were influential in developing my approach to design. My work is always purposeful, accessible, sensitive to the nature of the brief in question - and importantly - really good. 

I take on projects that I feel I can make a meaningful contribution to.

I work with people who share my values.

Outside of my design work you'll more than likely find me at my allotment. If not, I'll be at Stirchley Community Market (I am market manager on a voluntary basis), running cinema nights under the guise of Kopfkino at my local former swimming pool, or I'm off campaigning somewhere, possibly championing Friends of Stirchley Library!

I'm passionate about:

  • Protecting heritage; saving, preserving and improving historic and important buildings and green areas, so that future generations can enjoy them

  • The arts; I'm interested in ways in which design can open up access to art within education - and areas where art merges with nature / science

  • Independence; independent businesses, community groups doing it for themselves and working together, worker co-operatives (I am part of Loaf Community Bakery)

  • Building and supporting communities; enabling conversation and openness, helping community empowerment

  • Greener living and sustainability; I won't work on projects detrimental to the environment. Plant-based / Zero waste / Sustainable travel.


I work with a local, environmentally-friendly printer The Holodeck.

My brilliant portfolio photography is by Jack Spicer AdamsI would recommend his services for any project, especially food-related.

A lot of the projects I work on have been funded by the Arts Council or Heritage Lottery Fund. These enable my clients to do incredible and often groundbreaking work and for that I am grateful. 

 I am also learning how to do traditional signpainting.... 

I am also learning how to do traditional signpainting....